Everything To Know About Burial Insurance in Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas…except for the premiums will pay for Burial Insurance!

If you are looking for burial insurance in DFW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio or outside the city, this article has exactly what you need to know.

In this article, we will break down how a burial insurance policy works, items you need to know specific to Texas, what it might cost and how to get covered before it’s too late.

What Is Burial Insurance/Final Expense Insurance?

For reference – burial insurance, final expense and funeral insurance all mean the exact same thing. These are just different terms that have been used over the years to help describe the type ways you can use the policy for to accomplish a goal. It is a whole life insurance policy with affordable premiums designed to pay for funeral and other burial expenses when you pass. (If an agent tries to tell you they are all different, this should be a HUGE red flag for you).

No exams are required, and most health issues are accepted. Benefits typically range from $5,000-$40,000 depending on the insurance company.

The way Whole Life Plans function is incredibly simple. There really is no fine print you need to be worried about.

Here’s how they work…

  • Premiums are locked in for life and will NOT increase.
  • The death benefit is locked in and will NOT decrease.
  • The policy CANNOT expire due to age.

That completely sums up how the policy works. In summary, once your burial policy is in place, it never changes…. in any way, end of story. Then when your time on this earth is over, the insurance company will pay out the death benefit in the form of a tax-free check directly to your beneficiary(s). They will then use those funds to pay your funeral cost and any money left over can stay with them to enrich their lives.

Is Life Expectancy Different in Texas?

The average Texan lives to be 78.5 which is near the middle in terms of states ranked by life expectancy. When it comes down to it, Texans on average seem to suffer most from Heart Conditions and Cancer.

One thing’s for sure, regardless of your age or health, there’s no time like the present to put your burial insurance plan in place. Getting this done sooner rather than later will save you money as premiums only get higher every day you get older. You never know what tomorrow holds. Getting protected today means you will be protected in case something should happen to you.

Many people don’t give enough respect to how quickly health can change. A change in your health could very easily mean that you have to pay higher premiums for final expense insurance if you haven’t already locked in a rate. It could also mean that you’re subject to a waiting period. Keep in mind, your coverage will never be cheaper than it is today.

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Texas Has a Unique Free Look Period

Most states have a 30-day free look period when you purchase a new insurance policy but the free look period is just 15 calendar days in Texas. The first fifteen days after you’ve been approved and your policy is active, you have the right to refuse the insurance contract for any reason and you’ll get the full refund of any premiums you might have already paid.

Once the free look period has passed, you can still cancel your policy, you just won’t be entitled to a return of any premiums paid to the insurance company. Either way, you always have the ability to get out of the policy if you need to by cancelling it at any time. The insurer cannot stop you from dropping it. Refer to the Texas Department of Insurance for any additional questions about this or any other insurance matters.

If you drop/ cancel your policy, you’ll no longer be entitled to the payout if something were to happen to you. This is why it becomes extremely important to make sure you purchase a policy that is within your budget. It will be an extremely big waste of your money if you buy a policy and only end up needing to cancel it down the road because you didn’t build it into the budget properly. Obviously, sometimes unique circumstances can change your finances, but if you can afford it, you’ll want to keep making these payments because it’s what guarantees that your family will get paid when you pass.

What Is The Average Cost Of Burial Insurance In Texas?

The average funeral cost in America is $7,360 for a funeral including burial, according to NFDA. The average specific to DFW brought that number closer to $6,285 which is a little more than $1,000 cheaper. However, this was also only looking at the items the NFDA looks at. We found that the price of a funeral is actually closer to double that amount when it’s all said and done. Especially when you consider that the national averages don’t factor in certain items like a burial plot, headstone, cost of a wake/service, flowers, obituary, etc…

A burial plot typically costs anywhere between $700 and $2,000 for public cemeteries and $2,000 to $5,000 for private cemeteries. Vaults, mausoleums, and upright headstones add thousands to your end cost as well. How much does a headstone cost? Grave marker and headstone prices vary widely, between $1,000 for a basic marker and as much as $5,000 for an upright headstone.

That means that an unexpected funeral, with the cost of the full services, grave plot, and marker, can easily cost between $9,000 and $15,000.

How To Find The Best Burial Insurance In Texas

Obviously, your health plays a major role in regards to what you pay and when your coverage goes into effect. That being said, we can help you find a burial insurance company that will accept all the health issues you deal with. The best burial insurance is going to be one that costs the least, covers you fastest and is a financially strong insurance company.

To find the best burial insurance in DFW, you need to work with a Burial Insurance agency that represents multiple insurance companies in your area to pin point the best solution.

At Simplegacy, we will help you with the following:

  1. We will review/understand your health history to determine which burial insurance companies will be most accepting of your health conditions.
  2. We will compare quotes from multiple companies to determine who can cover you for the best price and offer that coverage sooner rather than later.

You do NOT pay any fees or additional premiums on your insurance other than what the insurance carrier charges when you work with Simplegacy. We use zero sales pressure because we know we represent more insurance companies than others and will hands down be able to match you with the best option at the best price. We pull quotes from 20+ companies at once so you save a ton of time and money.

We are completely independent and not held to any one insurance carrier. We also focus solely on Burial Insurance, so you’ll never have to worry about an agent trying to offer you something other than what you reached out to us for!

About Simplegacy

Simplegacy is Burial Insurance broker located in DFW Texas and has thousands of satisfied clients from all over the state. We have earned the business of many clients that found us after being confused by other agents. We do our best to make the topic and process of buying insurance simple.

If you are looking for burial insurance in Texas, you’ve certainly come to the right spot. You can either take a moment and fill out the quote form or call us directly at 888-519-9119. Once you get in touch with us, we will send you real prices from many highly rated and reputable insurance companies offering Burial Insurance coverage in Texas.

In Summary:

  • Your coverage will never be cheaper than it is today.

  • The average funeral cost is between $9,000 and $15,000.

  • Work with an independent agent that represents multiple insurance companies.


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Simplegacy is a licensed independent insurance agency that specializes in burial insurance. If you are under the age of 85, there is a 99% chance that we can get you an affordable burial insurance policy to cover your final expenses.

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Simplegacy is a licensed independent insurance agency that specializes in burial insurance. If you are under the age of 85, there is a 99% chance that we can get you an affordable burial insurance policy to cover your final expenses.

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Or call (888-519-9119)